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sales representativeHydradyne, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with 29 locations throughout the South, is a leader in the hydraulics distribution and repair industry.  Our continued growth has created opportunities in several locations for experienced hydraulics and pneumatics sales representatives, field technicians, and inside sales reps.  We offer a competitive salary and benefits package along with a company matched 401(k) plan.

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  Position Title Closing Date Posting ID
Atlanta - Product Specialist Automation (Until Filled) 119
Bossier City - Cylinder Mechanic (Until Filled) 136
Bossier City - Service Technician (Until Filled) 135
Charleston - Outside Sales (Until Filled) 138
Charlotte - Hydraulic Sales Engineer (Until Filled) 118
Columbia - Cylinder Repair Service Mechanic (Until Filled) 107
DFW - Inside Sales (Until Filled) 145
DFW Corporate - Health & Safety Manager (Until Filled) 125
Houston Fluid Power - Hydraulic Sales Engineer (Until Filled) 128
Houston Fluid Power - Inside Sales Pneumatics (Until Filled) 131
Houston Fluid Power - Outside Sales (Until Filled) 113
Jacksonville - Machinist (Until Filled) 127
Lafayette - Outside Sales (Until Filled) 114
MidSouth - Regional Manager (Until Filled) 143
Mobile - General Manager (Until Filled) 142
Mobile - Outside Sales (Until Filled) 141
Oklahoma City - Branch Administrative Assistant (Until Filled) 146
Oklahoma City - Outside Sales (Until Filled) 148
Oklahoma City - Service Technician (Until Filled) 147
San Antonio - Driver (Until Filled) 140
San Antonio - Outside Sales (Until Filled) 137
San Antonio - Service Technician (Until Filled) 144
San Antonio - Shipping Receiving (Until Filled) 139
Tampa - Outside Sales (Until Filled) 75
Tampa - Service Technician (Until Filled) 149
West Monroe - Mechanic (Until Filled) 132

Hydradyne is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If you are unable to use or access the Hydradyne, LLC employment page as a result of physical or mental impairment, call 817-391-1576



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