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Measurement is critical to managing motion control and mobile equipment. Hydradyne offers an extensive inventory of high performance gauges, pressure gauges, and test kits engineered to provide reliable, accurate measurement of processes in industrial motion control applications.

Our product line includes:
•    Test Kits
•    Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges – stainless steel, ABS, brass
•    Liquid Filled Gauges
•    Dry Pressure Gauges
•    Dial Indicating Pressure Gauges
•    Flow-Alert Flow Switches and Flow Transmitters
•    Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges
•    Standard Gauges
The gauges are available in stainless steel, ABS, and brass, with a range of configurations to meet your specific requirements. We offer gauges that meet ASME B40 Grade 1A, ASME B40 grade A, and ASME B40 Grade B accuracy ratings.