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For Petroleum Fluids

3500/6000 PSI Test Kits
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3500/6000 PSI Test Kits

For Petroleum Fluids

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Direct Reading. Install In Any Position. 360° Rotatable Guard/Scale. Easier-To-Read Linear Scale. No Flow Straighteners Or Special Piping Required. Relatively Insensitive To Shock And Vibration. Good Viscosity Stability. Temperature Up To 240 °F. Accuracy ±2% Full Scale. Repeatability ±1%. Special Scales Available. Calibrated For .876 S.G. Specifications: Materials: 2024 – T351 Anodized Aluminum Body, Piston And Cone. C360 Brass Body, Piston And Cone. T303 Stainless Body, 2024 – T351 Anodized Aluminum Piston And Cone. Common Parts: Retaining Ring: Sae 1070/1090 Carbon Steel. Spider Plate: T316 Ss. Retaining Spring: Sae 1070/1090 Carbon Steel. Spring: T302 Ss. Indicator And Internal Magnet: Pps / Ceramic. Fasteners: T303 Ss. Guard Seal / Bumper: Buna N. Pressure Seals: Viton. Scale Support: 6063 - T6 Aluminum. Guard: Polycarbonate. End Caps: Nylon St. Threads: Sae J1926/1, Nptf Ansi B2.2, Bspp Iso1179. Temperature Range: -20 To +240 °F (-29 To +116 °C). Pressure Rating: Aluminum / Brass Operating: 3,500 Psi/241 Bar Max. With A 3:1 Safety Factor. Stainless Steel Operating: 6,000 Psi/414 Bar Max. (5,000 Psi/345 Bar Max. For ¾" Series) With A 3:1 Safety Factor. Accuracy: ±2% Of Full Scale. Repeatability: ±1%. Pressure Gauge: Glycerin Dampened, 0 - 3,500 Psi / 0 - 240 Bar Pressure Range Available On Aluminum And Brass Test Kits. Glycerin Dampened, 0 - 6,000 Psi / 0 - 400 Bar Pressure Range Available On Stainless Steel Test Kits. Load Valve: ½", ¾" And 1" Series - Needle Valve; Produce Δp Up To 3,500 Psi/241 Bar Psid And 6,000 Psi/414 Bar Psid.

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3500/6000 PSI Test Kits
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Availability Out of Stock
Normally Ships In 2-3 weeks
Nominal Port Size 1 ¾" SAE 12
Flow Range GPM 3 - 30
Flow Range LPM 10 - 115
Pressure Drop 50% Flow PSI (Bar) 18.0 (1.2)
Pressure Drop 100% Flow PSI (Bar) 47.5 (3.3)
Pressure Drop Reverse 100% Flow PSI (Bar) 76.1 (5.2)
Material Aluminum 3500 PSI A
Dimensions B Length in (mm) 7.2 (183)
Dimensions B1 Length in (mm) 11.3 (287)
Dimensions C Width in (mm) 2.48 (63)
Dimensions D Depth in (mm) 2.85 (72)
Dimensions E Offset in (mm) 1.24 (32)
Dimensions F Flats in (mm) 1.50 (38)
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