On-Site Service and Repair - Trained Fluid Power Field Service Technicians

Trained fluid power Field Service Technicians are available for on-site trouble shooting, system service and repair. We offer system data analysis using our custom Data Acquisition Instrumentation to fine tune your system. Maximizing efficient usage of available system horsepower saves your company both time and money.

Our custom Data Acquisition Instrumentation gathers data including the following:

• 16 samples @ 1 micro second intervals with real time display
• Flow from .1 to 150 GPM(higher on request)
• Pressure from minus 1 atmosphere to 10,000 PSI
• Current 0 to 250 amps (AC or DC) (higher on request)
• Voltage 0 to 480 VAC, -200 to 200 VDC
• Torque, speed (digital or analog) load, force, velocity monitoring
• Acoustic monitoring
Trained Fluid Power Field Service Technician