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What does the FM 5970 Standard mean to me?

June 13th, 2018

AFEX, a valued Hydradyne partner and supplier, recently hosted their annual training school and received a lot of good questions on the new FM 5970 Standard for Heavy Duty Mobile Equipment. Their team has prepared some useful information to help you better understand what the new FM 5970 standard is and what it means to you as a customer or company looking to improve the safety and insurance of their people and equipment from fire risks.

AFEX is committed to an ongoing testing program to attain and maintain the latest industry standards for vehicle fire protection. Along with the FM 5970 Standard, AFEX is globally approved and certified through these international third-party product certifications.

Question: What is FM 5970?

Answer: FM 5970 is the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous testing program for vehicle fire suppression systems. The testing program consists of 40 different sections and over 100 individual tests. Fire testing is just 2 of these tests! Some of the others include cycle tests, minimum and maximum temperature operation, and ingress protection.

Question: How is FM 5970 different from the other/previous FM standards?

Answer: FM 5970 was created from the ground up by Factory Mutual. It is the first standard designed specifically for heavy duty mobile equipment, and the first standard to test all fire suppression systems (dry or liquid) in the same manner.

Question: What does FM 5970 mean to me?

Answer: You are buying and installing the toughest, best tested, most effective, state-of-the-art, system available for heavy duty mobile equipment.

Question: Which AFEX systems are FM 5970 Approved?

Answer: AFEX dry chemical only, liquid agent only, and dual agent systems are all FM 5970 Approved.

Question: When was AFEX FM 5970 Approved?

Answer: AFEX was the first manufacturer approved to the FM Standard 5970, on September 21st 2017.



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