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Hydradyne Tower Erection Hoists

Design, Fabrication, Service, and Maintenance

With nearly 50 years of experience in designing and fabricating winch systems, Hydradyne has earned a reputation for the quality of our fabricated winch systems and packages.

Standard Units

Hydradyne’s standard 24hp, 50hp, and 90hp units can handle most tower hoist needs. We also have a custom 115hp unit for larger jobs – inquire here. All of our units feature high efficiency hydraulic systems and planetary winches with failsafe braking. The 50hp, 90hp, and 115hp units also include operator selectable high/low hydraulic speed control as a standard feature.

Hydradyne Tower Hoist Systems

Custom Units

Hydradyne also designs and fabricates custom configurations for tower hoist systems and winches. Whether it’s a single, double, or triple drum hoist, or a winch system that can be disassembled and reassembled easily to transport to the top of a skyscraper, Hydradyne can provide custom design and fabrication to meet your needs.

OSHA Regulations

All of Hydradyne’s tower erection hoist systems meet the safety requirements of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, and include all necessary documentation. OSHA requires a yearly tear-down inspection on most hoist systems as a part of their safety regulations, which Hydradyne can perform.

A few areas of hoist safety that must be maintained at all times to be in compliance with OSHA requirements include:

  • An operator’s manual on site – Hydradyne provides all necessary documentation
  • All controls are clearly marked and easily accessible – Hydradyne equips
  • Documented daily inspections in a logbook that is on-site
  • Winch Elapse Time Meter – Hydradyne can also install meters on existing hoists


Hydradyne Can Help

Hydradyne not only adheres to OSHA standards, but also provides additional performance testing, preventative maintenance, service, and repair for all existing tower hoist systems. Hydradyne is authorized by Paccar Braden to perform OSHA required tear-down inspections and any necessary repair work.

Hydradyne Tower Hoists PDFs

These PDFs contain additional feature information on Hydradyne’s standard tower hoist units.

Download Overview >
Download 24hp Specs >
Download 50hp Specs >
Download 90hp Specs >

Tower Hoist Contact

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