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Firefighting Boom | Electronic Control System


The Meadows Field Airport Kern County Fire Department


Customer needed a solution to assist their firemen with fighting fires more effectively and to improve operational safety. The piece of equipment we looked at included the department’s fire truck, specifically the boom on the truck that is used to reach multiple angels to help put out the fire. This type of equipment is used at airports if there is a crash and/or fire.


Hydradyne worked with the Kern County Fire Department to implement an electronic control system, utilizing Parker IQAN technology, to help control the boom on the fire truck.

Parker IQAN and Electronic Control System Benefits:

  • Fireman can easily steer the nozzle left to right, and raise and lower it to get the best angle to firefight.
  • Fireman can drive up and set the equipment in auto mode and it will automatically spray back and forth.
  • The control system uses specific angles to keep track of where the boom is and prevent the operator from crashing the boom into the truck body or cab.


This solution allows for better handling, helps avoid possible user error, could potentially prevent injuries, and protects the equipment from any unnecessary damage.


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