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Custom Hose Assemblies & Hose Kits

Hose, Fittings, Hose Guards, Protectors, Sleeves, and Whip Restraints

Hydradyne has the hose, fittings, and accessories you need for extreme working environments. Hydradyne has the expertise to get the job done quickly and professionally. We can provide custom hose assemblies and ready-to-install kits for you in-house while you wait or ship them to where you are. Please fill out the form on this page for immediate assistance.

24 Hour Turnaround Hose Kit

Hydradyne carries a wide variety of durable hose guards, protectors, sleeves, and whip restraints that provide reliable long-lasting protection to personnel and equipment in the event of a hose burst. By containing the energy of the burst, these products prevent operator injury and damage to equipment. They also help to reduce deterioration caused by extreme heat, water abrasion and more.

Hydradyne carries all types of industrial hose and abrasive resistant products. Along with traditional liquid and gas hose and fittings, Hydradyne carries food-grade hose, medical device hose and fittings, and hose that is specially made to handle a variety of chemical applications.


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