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Hydraulic House is now Hydradyne

Last year, Hydradyne announced the acquisition of Hydraulic House, a well-respected Parker Hannifin distributor with locations in Orlando, Florida and Dothan, Alabama.

Hydraulic House’s success can be predominantly attributed to providing great customer service to local customers. Hydraulic House is a hydraulic truck center and offers a full line of Parker fluid connector products. Hydraulic House also offers in-house service and repairs for various suppliers and brands of hydraulic equipment. Their success has been in no small way directly related to the success of their customers businesses and personal pursuits and we plan to continue the relationships built over the years with the same great people and customer service.

Hydraulic House's decision to become a part of Hydradyne was made partly because of the mutual values and vision shared along with the confidence that becoming a part of a larger, established organization like Hydradyne, it would provide their local customers with a wider array of services and more product depth. Hydradyne, which literally means "Fluid Power", is a company with 50 years of experience that continues to strive to meet the needs of its customers in their local markets and offer world class customer service and expertise in the fluid power and motion control industry. Read more about Hydradyne’s 50 years of service and the interview with our company president here.

David Parks, Hydradyne President on Hydraulic House:

“The driving force behind our business vision is to meet the needs of customers in their local marketplace. Hydraulic House has built a solid and successful operation and has provided superior local service for decades. Hydradyne shares the same strong customer focus.

I believe that Hydradyne will strengthen Hydraulic House by offering our broad and deep product lines to its local customers. In turn, Hydradyne will utilize Hydraulic House’s expertise and veteran sales team to offer exceptional service and customer support in Central Florida, Southern Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. Together, we will deliver an exceptional and unmatched experience for our customers.”



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