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Cambco Conveyor Versions

Special Cambering Machine Version for Conveyor Lines

Cambering Machine - MODEL 700C Conveyor Version

MODEL 700C (Other conveyor versions are similar)

A special version of the largest 6 models is available so they can be installed in a conveyor line, normally downstream from the drill line.  The cambering machine is installed below the conveyor level and is then lifted when a beam has been positioned for cambering.  Thus, the machine is completely out of the way when pieces that do not require cambering are being transported by the conveyor.  Optional hydraulically powered rolls are available to support the beam within the confines of the cambering machine. The control of these rollers is added to the same control valve that is already in place.

Special long stroke hydraulic cylinders are provided to accommodate different beam depths, thus eliminating the spacers that are used on the standard models.  The long stroke cylinders also eliminate the need to carefully guide the beam into position as it enters the cambering machine.  Also, four lift cylinders, one at each corner, are provided to raise the entire machine until the cambering cylinders are centered on the web of the beam, thus compensating for different flange widths. These are operated by a single control valve at the operator station.  Other valves and controls are provided to insure that the machine is raised evenly and that it remains in position until cambering is completed.  Once the machine is raised into position, cambering proceeds in a normal fashion.

Floor mounted guides are provided to stabilize the machine during the cambering process.  Also, one spare control valve is provided so that the main conveyor system can be hydraulically powered by the cambering machine's power unit, if desired. 


Cambering Machines - Floor mounted guides

These models have more reserve capacity than the Models 700 & 825 and can even be used for cambering lighter bridge beams.  The Model 1000 will camber a Grade 50 beam as large as a W36x210 or a W40x199.  The Model 1170 will camber a W36x260 or a W40x244.

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