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Press Capacity: 258 Ton
Max Beam: W30x148
Motor: 25HP
Model Size: 8'5" x 23'8"
Model Weight: 9,800 lbs

The CAMBCO 520 model will satisfy most fabricator's cambering requirements. This model is not recommended for bridge work.



Press Capacity: 412 Ton
Max Beam: W36x194
Motor: 25HP
Model Size: 9'11" x 23'9"
Model Weight: 16,500 lbs

The CAMBCO 825 model can camber beams for most buildings and has additional capacity for odd over-sized beams.



Press Capacity: 585 Ton
Max Beam: W40x244
Motor: 30HP
Model Size: 10'4" x 23'9"
Model Weight: 21,000 lbs

The CAMBCO 1170 model has more reserve capacity and can be used for cambering lighter bridge beams.



Press Capacity: 836 Ton
Max Beam: W40x397
Motor: 40HP
Model Size: 11'11" x 28'2"
Model Weight: 43,500 lbs

Because of its high capacity and flexibility, the CAMBCO 1700 model is especially attractive to fabricators who work on both bridges and beams.


Stronger than steel

Established in 1984 by a Hydradyne customer in Houston, Texas, CAMBCO is the original beam cambering machine in the steel fabrication industry. The first CAMBCO model was developed for a steel construction company and could camber grade 50 beams as large as a W30x116.

CAMBCO was quickly embraced by steel fabricators across the country and became an industry standard. Today, CAMBCO continues to be the best steel cambering machine in the industry with the proven reliability and efficiency that only comes from decades of experience.


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