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Cambco Do-It-Yourself Kits

Available as DIY Hydraulics and Design Kits

All CAMBCO models are available as "Do-it-yourself" hydraulics and design kits.  On these orders CAMBCO furnishes all hydraulic components including motor starter, power unit, valves, cylinders, hoses, and fittings along with complete fabrication drawing and other technical information so the customer can fabricate and assemble his own machine.  This can be a very economical way to acquire a CAMBCO cambering machine, particularly when the fabricator has some surplus steel that can be used.  It is also a good way to keep two or three men busy while waiting for that big cambering job to be released.

All drawings remain the property of CAMBCO.  They shall not be copied or reproduced in any way and shall be returned to CAMBCO when fabrication and assembly is completed.


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