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Hagglunds / Gold Cup Pumps - Part Numbers P6S

The pumps listed below are just a few of the models that can be built from our base inventory typically in 24 hours or less. If you need a complete pump, parts or service make your inquiry here and our staff will make sure we take the steps required to meet your needs.

Model Number Code Number Model Number Code Number
P6S-2R1C-2H2-B00-0A1-M2 023-07906-0 P6S-2R1C-9A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-07704-0
P6S-2R1C-5A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-07703-0 P6S-2R1C-9A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-84450-0
HD6S-2R1C-5A2-B00-0A1-M2 478 5050-026 HD6S-2R1C-9A2-B00-0A1-M2 4785050-027
P6S-2R1C-5A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-06241-0 P6S-2R1C-9A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-06926-0
P6S-2R1C-5A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-03701-0 P6S-2R1C-9A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-84362
P6S-2R1C-8A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-07905-0 HD6S-2R1C-9A2-B00-0A1-M2 478 5050-028
P6S-2R1C-8A2-B00-0A1-M2 023-06542-0