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Cambco Machine Models 1400 & 1700

The Original Cambering Machine Since 1984

Cambering Machine - MODEL 1400 & 1700

The Model 1400 with its 682 tons of power can camber Grade 50 beams as large as a W40x328, and the Model 1700, which develops 836 tons, will camber a W40x397.  These machines can also be used to camber a beam as small as a W8x10.  This range of sizes is possible because two separate support widths are provided.  The narrower support span is used for lighter beams (i.e. those weighing 75 pounds per foot or less) and the wider span is used for heavier beams.  These models are especially attractive to fabricators who fabricate both bridges and buildings.


Yes, these beams on an interstate highway bridge near Toledo, Ohio were cambered with a CAMBCO cambering machine at a significant cost savings compared to conventional methods.  Typically, beams like this can be cambered with a CAMBCO cambering machine for $10.00 per ton or less while heat cambering will cost many times this amount.

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