Tower Erection Hoists - Hydradyne Can Deliver!

With over 40 years experience in designing and fabricating winch systems, Hydradyne can provide the winch package that's right for your job. Our standard 24hp, 50hp, or 90hp units can handle most tower erection hoist needs.

Our tower hoist systems are known in the industry by names like “blue hydradyne”, “green hydradyne” or “double hydradyne”. However, we can provide custom design and fabrication to meet your needs. We also offer preventative maintenance , service, and repair for existing tower hoist systems.

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Our standard tower hoist units feature high efficiency hydraulic systems and planetary winches with failsafe braking. 50hp and 90hp units include operator selectable high/low hydraulic speed control as a standard feature.

Powered Capstan w/Brake
API Manlift Winches approved for hoisting personnel
Anti-2-Block packages
Drum Rotation Indicators
Hoist Cable Tensionometers

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